List Of Penny Stocks

List Of Penny Stocks

You can find a list of penny stocks like ones listed with a major stock exchange. Penny stocks are called OTC stocks, or over the counter stocks because they do not meet the requirements of the major stock exchanges.

Over the counter lists are ones that are accumulated on specific requirements like profit, gross, income and size for example. Dollar per share value too, sometimes.

There is a secondary list of penny stocks too, these stocks were originally listed with the major stock exchanges however they ended falling out requirement of the major stock exchanges.

Penny stocks that are of this second standard do have the potential to return to acceptance of the major stock exchanges. Sometimes the companies that are listed within this second standard is potentially very profitable and a good idea to invest in because the company may be going through major restructuring and poised to make a major return.

A list of penny stocks can be found through a stock broker or from various online sources that specialize in listing services.

Disclaimer: Trading stocks is risky. You can lose all your money if you are not careful. I am not advising you to purchase any stocks. All the content on this web page is only my opinion and is not to be regarded as any advise.