Penny Stocks To Watch

Penny Stocks To Watch

Sorting out what Penny Stocks to Watch is a simple matter if you take into account some of the following information. I am here to help you pin point high probability penny stock flips.

At the moment I am leaning in favor of sub penny stock picks however if you have cash, a plan, and focus, you can make money off just about any penny stock if you wait patiently and let the market come to you.

I do not buy at market, I place and execute limit orders. You do not know where you are going to end at if you buy at market price. A problem a lot of traders have is patience and they feel they must be in the market always. This is why you lose money, and are taken to the woodshed.

If the market goes in your direction that you are expecting but your limit order does not fill do not remove the limit and place a market buy. A blown call means it was not meant to happen, ignore it and move on.

You can trade the news, and the news can trade you. Problem with news is insiders already know what is going on before you do and they will always have an advantage. Market price movement is precise and a language in itself and not all the insiders know this language.

Beating the odds is the name of the game in any form of trading. You do not go into some ones house and bet against them and expect to come out with your pockets stuffed. To beat the odds you must wait for an opportunity to open and be more intelligent and wise than the opponent.

Finding the right Penny Stocks to Watch is going to require you open charts and finding tradable patterns and placing limit orders in the direction where you expect market price will pass.

As in any other form of trading, there is price. Nothing else matters more than price. No number of news is going to override this fact. Trade price, not the news and you will be at an advantage.

One simple concept when looking for penny stocks to watch is that when you see price moving between two points, does not matter how far this price gap is, price is inevitably going to be sprung free in one direction or another unless it’s sitting at 0.0001 of course where it can only go upward.

It is so simple and people just do not think and work with this price fact. If you place a limit order outside the price range and it gets filled most likely you are almost guaranteed to make some money. You will want to get out before the market comes back around into the range if you get a notion it is going to.

But this is just one thing to look for when finding penny stocks to watch. If a stock goes out of its range most people will take notice and generally ride it as far as they can. This can drastically move the price, but there can be a retrace of price so you need to be careful.

As price retraces it is not always a bad thing. If you can identify where it is most likely to retrace to where there was a lot of previous price support or resistance and it does not go above or below this depending which direction you are playing penny stock most likely it will retrace and keep going in the direction it was previously advancing towards.

Disclaimer: Trading stocks is risky. You can lose all your money if you are not careful. I am not advising you to purchase any stocks. All the content on this web page is only my opinion and is not to be regarded as any advise.